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The pigeons that are vegetarian thrive in areas where there is an abundant supply of grain or, in the urban context, in areas where there are pigeon-lovers who are willing to feed them. Though pigeon keeping is not too popular, pigeon-feeding is becoming very popular in the city. The day is not complete for Life Insurance Corporation of India employee Bharat Kumar if he does not feed the pigeons that perch on the window of his office near the busy Benz Circle. Half a dozen birds squabble for the jowar and millets he leaves on the window ledge.

God is there in all life forms.

Feeding the pigeons is a daily ritual in several temples in the city. Priests and devotees feed pigeons at the old Sivalayam in One Town. Local businessman Baldev, who feeds pigeons that come to his office window, says feeding pigeons brings prosperity to those who feed them.


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Changes in the lifestyle of humans seem to have a direct impact on avian life. Ornithologist P. Gracious says in posh areas where garbage is put neatly in plastic bags and then dumped into the dumpsters, the population of crows is on the decline because organic bits and pieces constituent a major part of their diet. Another reason for the decline in crow population in urban centres is the cutting down of trees.

While crows need trees to nest, pigeons are very comfortable in the ventilators of any building. The pigeons that are loved and fed by some are considered a menace by others. Pigeons prefer to make their nests in apartments that resemble the cliffs and old fort walls in which they roost. They dirty the balconies with dropping and can even be a health hazard. Very informative and helpful. I would like more remedies. I really appreciate giving such a beautiful and true prediction. Very Informative, Simple and Easy to Understand.

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Can work proactively if any issue. Thank you - so well worded, and right on the mark! Thanks a lot for the detailed analysis and guidance. It has provided enough moral support for me during this important part of my Journey. Off course having good aspects to look forward to.. Thanks I do have some knowledge of vedic astrology and this is very accurate.

Thanks to Indastro I found my soulmate. My wife and I are very happy and could not have made this happen without the guidance of Indastro. Many blessings for the Indastro team! I admire your scientifical and interesting approach, you are excellent. For the first time I have seen astrologer of your calibre. Simply superb.

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I want you to do my Saturn Karma report. Very articulated presentation and one of the best sites to get information. The general prediction of the horoscope is very good.

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Indastro website is well managed with all the relevant details on the various services that are offered. Indastro effort in making astrology a good tool to manage, better one's life is well appreciated. With such accurate depictions as this, I find myself wishing only that there was more content to read! Very simple and understandable reading.

Thanks Indastro. Each of the word in this reading is true and nothing but the truth. Thanks Indastro! The basic analysis of the chart is perfect and to the mark. Clarity of predictions. Easy to understand. Amazing - I was surprised how can these astrological predictions be so true Highly accurate, would suggest all others to give it a go! I'll contact you in future for any other questions!


Thanks to the entire team Amazing analysis. Millions of thanks. Really indebted. Regards Mrinal Krant.

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  8. Certain hidden tendencies known to me are revealed in the prediction,it made me believe in vedic astrology. Everything told here about me are damn true. If there will more details exactly about my career, will be thankful. Thank you for the report Indastro, quite enlightening. This is not a serious flaw. This technique has been promoted by K. Rao , so I was curious what Vasudev would say.

    In chapter 12, she says that Vimshottari dasa is to be used above all others, as all the others can only be used in limited circumstances. She also says that dasas are very complicated things that we will never really understand anyway. But trying to understand even one single Dasa in all its completeness and ramifications may take more than a lifetime.

    This seems churlish to me. Overall, a fine book. Branches of astrology; 2. Keys to the signs; 3. Keys to houses; 4.

    Journal of Astrology Article: Appraisal of Mundane Predictions

    Keys to the planets; 5. Keys to planets in signs; 6. Aspects; 7. Question data; 9. How to ask questions; How to read aspects; Some exceptions; Timing events; Practical illustrations. Comment : For the most part, this is western-based horary. There are hardly any Hindu terms in the book. This book dates from Raman Vastu Vidya - Prof. Savarkar The Vastu Purusa - M. Bhargava C.