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Choose your battles carefully and think twice before acting. Mercury opposite Saturn and Mars opposite Saturn brings negativity, bad news, mistakes, inhibition, frustration, and delay. It increases the risk of anger, envy, jealousy, meanness, rejection, verbal and physical abuse, and bullying, This can lead to separations, isolation, poor self-esteem, communication problems, and sadness. The key to avoiding such negative consequences is to keep yourself busy by working hard on your dreams.

This is a marathon, not a sprint.

So controlled release of energy through sustained effort is best. Self-discipline, patience and steely determination can lead to satisfying results. Mercury trine Neptune and Mars trine Neptune bring harmony, sensitivity, and empathy to overcome the Saturn negativity and meanness mentioned above. Relationship problems can be avoided with compassion and nonverbal communication. In fact, increased sensuality, charm, and karmic attraction make this a good full moon for passionate romances and finding your soulmate.

These positive Neptune aspects help you see the bigger picture. With increased creativity and imagination you can dream up a better future. With increased intuition with spiritual courage, you can fight for your rights and act on your plans to make your dreams come true. Moon conjunct Jupiter brings optimism, generosity and good fortune. Good intentions breed success, especially with those things related to growth and happiness. It could be an overseas holiday, a financial investment or an intimate relationship. Your caring and supportive attitude can bring new friendship and favors from others.

This is a good full moon to join groups, start a long journey, enroll in a higher education course or take legal action. Births and marriages will benefit from growth and good fortune. Since our zodiac was developed over years ago, the precession of the equinoxes has moved the Sign of Sagittarius into the Constellation of Scorpius. And because astrology was originally based on the visible constellations, I prefer to use this old fashioned method instead of the Signs, which are purely symbolic and totally unrelated to astrological activity.

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Full Moon June [Stellarium]. Fixed star Aculeus gives a tendency towards a morbid outlook, seeing the worst rather than the best in everything. But it also gives a very sharp mind and a perception well above average. Constellation Serpens is said to give wisdom, craft, deceit, malice, a feeble will and danger of poison.

Constellation Ophiuchus is said to give a passionate, blindly good-hearted, wasteful and easily seduced nature, unseen dangers, enmity, and slander. The June 17 full moon in the Tail of the Scorpion points to negativity, mean-spiritedness, and sadness in love. While Jupiter square Neptune can test your faith with disappointments, Saturn sextile Neptune gives a healthy dose of reality that lowers the risk of delusion and deception. Mercury conjunct Mars brings quick thinking and a sense of urgency. But opposite Saturn it points to frustration, heated words, and even hatred.

Thankfully, the trine to Neptune gives compassion and empathy to avoid conflict.


It also gives the passion and vision to make your dreams come true. A full moon has a relationship to the previous new moon. Your June 3 new moon goals can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time. The June new moon gave an incredible amount of energy and courage to succeed in realizing your dreams. But it also stressed the need for caution. So avoid overoptimism and protect what you already and have. The June 17 full moon is also the last moon phase before the July 2 solar eclipse. So it is important to look back at the previous eclipses that started this eclipse phase.

There are only two weeks left to complete what you started about five months ago. It is time to finalize matters so you will be ready to start a new phase of life in two weeks time. Tom Watson has been having a tough time, not just with internal party politics, but having backed the fantasist Nick Carl Beech who falsely alleged abuse by leading politicians.

Born 8 January , his Capricorn Sun square Mars in Libra has been heavily pressured over the past two years by the tr Pluto hard aspect. His relationship with Lansman is fairly hostile with a composite Mars Pluto, a high-tension Uranus inconjunct Saturn; and a cold Venus square Saturn. The two Labour Party charts — 27 February and 12 February — if they hold water — show mixed fortunes on the chart, picking up more successful influences from late February till late after a discouraging and frustrating two years recently.

James Gray, the director and writer, was born 14 April in New York and has several films to his credit which made it to the Cannes Film Festival shortlist. He has a powerfully focussed chart with a Yod of Jupiter in Virgo conjunct Uranus and Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Sun Saturn in Aries — an individual who would always follow his own path. Yods usually need a significant trigger from transits and other influences etc to jolt them into gear. Neither is Brad Pitt in a spectacularly successful phase, see post August 30 On the relationship chart it displays as a complementary and friendly composite New Moon conjunct Venus more whole when together ; and a high-octane Saturn opposition Uranus Pluto square Mars.

Ed Buck, a former male model who campaigned for animal rights, has been charged with operating a drug house and administering methamphetamines to vulnerable gay black men to manipulate them into participating in sex acts. He was a fixture on the Los Angeles Democratic scene, having formerly been Republican when he was in Arizona. Plus the jolting tr Uranus opposition his focal point Saturn through this year and early next to upset his applecart.

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The 9 th is supposed to be humanitarian but its under-developed side is greed, immorality and irresponsibility. His 10 th harmonic — the seeds of the rise and fall, good and bad — is also notable and ruthless. He is played bizarrely enough by Sacha Baron Cohen taking on a serious role. Born 16 December 12 noon Alexandria, Egypt from memory , he stayed behind, when his family moved to Israel in , to organise Zionist activities.

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He was then trained in undercover work by Mossad, lived briefly in South America to establish a persona as a rich businessman, went to Syria and moved in high society, became the confidante of generals and ultimately Deputy Defence Minister. The information he radioed back in secret transmissions was key to Israel winning the Six Day War. He was pressured by his Mossad overlords against his better judgement to return to Syria one last time, was captured, tortured and executed.

He was a confident and enthusiastic Sun Jupiter in Sagittarius square Mars Uranus in Pisces and trine Neptune Moon in Leo — certainly devil-may-care, idealistic, brave and foolhardy. That all makes sense of a high-roller who lived like James Bond. I often joke that I know an emergency when I see one, and the world is in an emergency situation on many levels, and we need to come together and do something constructive.

Steven M. As AnarkEden is connected to my soul intimately I want to shine light on some fascinating observations!

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Since I have been on a personal journey of soul-expansion. I feel like right now I truly do live in an alternate dimension. It feels like the New Earth. I want to lead by example and inspire a true renaissance to escape this unsustainable, slavery trap and create True Freedom and Abundance! I have spent over a decade studying Astrology, Permaculture and Natural Law. I have an in-depth understanding of my Soul and my Purpose. I live as best I can in alignment with Nature and Spirit — and I am overflowing with confidence in the validity and efficacy of AnarkEden!!!

Once understood, the perspective, design and strategy that AnarkEden conceptualizes will undoubtedly catalyze a much higher quality of life for everyone — a true paradise! I ha ve so much faith in our true core essence as Infinite Consciousness to create a New Paradigm to catalyze the evolution, ascension and apotheosis of humanity!