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A little less carpe to your diem and DMs will serve you well. Take the time to polish your creative projects behind the scenes or get to know a romantic prospect slowly. Want some more? A whole year of forecasts, mapped out for you. With the cosmic lovebirds chirping in harmony in your fourth house of domestic bliss, you may never want to leave Chateau Crab!

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These two planets only align every other year, making this a stellar time to work out any kinks in your union—or just get frisky! Mars will be in residence from October 4 to November 19, with affectionate Venus riding shotgun until October 8. With this sentimental sector lit up, you may be more passionate than usual about those lazy, cozy evenings together. Some couples will be ready to take—or at least talk about—next steps, like moving in together or starting or expanding a family.

While Mars will heat up the emotional bonding and sexy ambience, he can also stir up friction or spark cabin fever.

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Singles might have to pry themselves out of their shells to get out and meet people. On October 8, Venus leaves Mars in the rearview and bolts into sensual Scorpio, refilling your romance and glamour tanks. You might feel like you got thrown from a horse in the midst of a pretty smooth ride. Try not to overreact, however strong your feelings are. This is probably just another ripple in the emotion ocean. All your biggest love days, revealed.

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Your home is abuzz with productivity this month, as the Sun visits Libra and your domestic sector until October The red planet revs you up with ideas for a cottage industry or ways you can make money from your kitchen table…or maybe by renting out that spare room on Airbnb. Bubbly Mercury starts an extended trip through Scorpio and your fifth house of passion and performance on October 3. You never know who you could inspire—or impress! On October 23, the Sun moves into Scorpio, which further sparks your creativity and inspires you to share.

Cancers are excellent performers—and entrepreneurs. Is it high time to launch that sommelier consulting business or to seek funding for your food truck?

How The Rest Of This Year Looks For The Cancer Zodiac Sign, Until July 2020

Take your show on the road restaurants, museums, corporations and make sure someone is there to hold the iPhone while you go live on IG. The October 27 Scorpio new moon could be the perfect date to schedule a presentation, affording you the opportunity to flaunt your personality and grab the attention of a key decision-maker. But careful what goes into the public sphere once Mercury turns retrograde from October 31 to November This cycle notoriously disrupts technology, travel, information and communication. Back up all your most important data.

Step back and review your messaging: Is your business or brand communicating effectively? Gather a little focus group yes, that can be a few of your most honest friends to find out what works and what falls by the wayside. Be patient with a business partner. A little unstructured play will do you a world of good.

Revisit a favorite hobby—Rollerblades, hayrides, karaoke? Instigator Uranus is poking the communication planet in the ribs, but you know better than to lash out without thinking. If necessary, call a friend and vent privately. All your must-know career dates.

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Cancer Horoscope - Excinting predictions revealed !

October Monthly Horoscope: War and Peace? Listen: Your October Numerology Forecast. He has a macho side too, however: tenacious, possessive and occasionally controlling, his attentions can be rather overwhelming and no-one will be more protective. Make him some food and listen to his troubles — just like his mother does. Be yourself! Those around her appreciate this trait, so you should try to follow this example more often.

Fall in love! Even if she knows she might get hurt, the Cancer woman will still madly fall in love. Those around her might thing of her as being a bit naive, but she has more to gain in life because she always makes choices with her heart, not with her mind. Show your loved ones how much you cherish them!

The native of this astrological sign is not ashamed of her feelings, so she always shows the people close to her how much she loves them. Follow her example and show your dear ones how special they are to you. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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