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Monthly Horoscopes. The region is a haven for migratory and resident birds of the desert. One can see many eagles , harriers , falcons , buzzards , kestrels and vultures. Short-toed snake eagles Circaetus gallicus , tawny eagles Aquila rapax , spotted eagles Aquila clanga , laggar falcons Falco jugger and kestrels are the commonest of these. The Ranthambore National Park located in Sawai Madhopur , [41] one of the well known tiger reserves in the country, became a part of Project Tiger in The Dhosi Hill located in the district of Jhunjunu, known as 'Chayvan Rishi's Ashram', where ' Chyawanprash ' was formulated for the first time, has unique and rare herbs growing.

The area was declared a national park in This sanctuary is home to a large population of blackbuck. Rajasthan is also noted for its national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. A national level institute, Arid Forest Research Institute AFRI an autonomous institute of the ministry of forestry is situated in Jodhpur and continuously work on desert flora and their conservation.

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At one point, due to poaching and negligence, tigers became extinct at Sariska, but five tigers have been relocated there. Rajasthan is divided into 33 districts within seven divisions :. Rajasthan's economy is primarily agricultural and pastoral. Wheat and barley are cultivated over large areas, as are pulses , sugarcane , and oilseeds. Cotton and tobacco are the state's cash crops. Rajasthan is among the largest producers of edible oils in India and the second largest producer of oilseeds.

Rajasthan is also the biggest wool -producing state in India and the main opium producer and consumer. There are mainly two crop seasons. The water for irrigation comes from wells and tanks. The Indira Gandhi Canal irrigates northwestern Rajasthan. The main industries are mineral based, agriculture-based, and textile based. Rajasthan is the second largest producer of polyester fibre in India.

Several prominent chemical and engineering companies are located in the city of Kota , in southern Rajasthan. Rajasthan is pre-eminent in quarrying and mining in India. The Taj Mahal was built from the white marble which was mined from a town called Makrana. The state is the second largest source of cement in India. It has rich salt deposits at Sambhar , copper mines at Khetri , Jhunjhunu , and zinc mines at Dariba, Zawar mines and Rampura Agucha opencast near Bhilwara.

Dimensional stone mining is also undertaken in Rajasthan. Jodhpur sandstone is mostly used in monuments, important buildings, and residential buildings. This stone is termed as "chittar patthar".


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Jodhpur leads in Handicraft and Guar Gum industry. Rajasthan is also a part of the Mumbai-Delhi Industrial corridor is set to benefit economically. Rajasthan also has reserves of low-silica limestone. Rajasthan is the largest producer of barley , mustard , pearl millet , coriander , fenugreek and guar in India. Rajasthan is major producer of aloe vera , amla , oranges leading producer of maize , groundnut. Rajasthan government had initiated olive cultivation with technical support from Israel. The current production of olives in the state is around — tonnes annually.

Rajasthan is India's second largest producer of milk. Rajasthan has dairy co-operative societies. Jaipur International Airport. NH 8 between Udaipur and Ahmedabad. Rajasthan is connected by many national highways. Most renowned being NH 8 , which is India's first 4—8 lane highway. All chief cities are connected by air, rail, and road. These airports connect Rajasthan with the major cities of India such as Delhi and Mumbai.

Rajasthan is connected with the main cities of India by rail. Kota City is the only electrified section served by three Rajdhani Expresses and trains to all major cities of India. However, this is not open to foreign nationals. Now in March , 75 percent of all national highways being built in Rajasthan according to the public works minister of Rajasthan. Religion in Rajasthan [52]. According to final results of Census of India , Rajasthan has a total population of 68,, The state of Rajasthan is also populated by Sindhis , who came to Rajasthan from Sindh province now in Pakistan during the India-Pakistan separation in As for religion, Rajasthan's residents are mainly Hindus , who account for Muslims make up 9.

Languages of Rajasthan [54].

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Hindi is the official and the most widely spoken language in the state Rajasthani and various Rajasthani dialects are counted under Hindi in the national census. In the census, standard Rajasthani had over 18 million speakers, [55] as well as millions of other speakers of Rajasthani dialects, such as Marwari.

The languages taught under the three-language formula are: [56]. Rajasthan is culturally rich and has artistic and cultural traditions that reflect the ancient Indian way of life. There is rich and varied folk culture from villages which are often depicted as a symbol of the state. Highly cultivated classical music and dance with its own distinct style is part of the cultural tradition of Rajasthan. The music has songs that depict day-to-day relationships and chores, often focused around fetching water from wells or ponds.

Rajasthani cooking was influenced by both the war-like lifestyles of its inhabitants and the availability of ingredients in this arid region. Food that could last for several days and could be eaten without heating was preferred. The scarcity of water and fresh green vegetables have all had their effect on the cooking.

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It is known for its snacks like Bikaneri Bhujia. Other famous dishes include bajre ki roti millet bread and lahsun ki chutney hot garlic paste , mawa kachori Mirchi Bada , Pyaaj Kachori and ghevar from Jodhpur, Alwar ka Mawa milk cake , Kadhi kachori from Ajmer, malpauas from Pushkar, Daal kachori Kota kachori from Kota and rassgollas from Bikaner. Originating from the Marwar region of the state is the concept of Marwari Bhojnalaya , or vegetarian restaurants, today found in many parts of India, which offer vegetarian food of the Marwari people.

Dal-Bati-Churma is very popular in Rajasthan. The traditional way to serve it is to first coarsely mash the Baati then pour pure ghee on top of it. It is served with the daal lentils and spicy garlic chutney. Also served with besan gram flour ki kadi. It is commonly served at all festivities, including religious occasions, wedding ceremonies, and birthday parties in Rajasthan. The Ghoomar dance from Jaipur Jodhpur Marwar and Kalbeliya dance of kalbeliya tribe have gained international recognition.

Folk music is a large part of Rajasthani culture. Folk songs are commonly ballads which relate heroic deeds and love stories; and religious or devotional songs known as bhajans and banis which are often accompanied by musical instruments like dholak , sitar , and sarangi are also sung. Rajasthan is known for its traditional, colourful art.

The block prints, tie and dye prints,gota patti main , Bagaru prints, Sanganer prints, and Zari embroidery are major export products from Rajasthan. Handicraft items like wooden furniture and crafts, carpets, and blue pottery are commonly found here.

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Shopping reflects the colourful culture, Rajasthani clothes have a lot of mirror work and embroidery. A Rajasthani traditional dress for females comprises an ankle-length skirt and a short top, known as chaniya choli Mainly pure owned by traditional people. A piece of cloth is used to cover the head, both for protection from heat and maintenance of modesty. Rajasthani dresses are usually designed in bright colours like blue, yellow and orange. Rajasthan's desert festival is held once a year during winter. Dressed in costumes, the people of the desert dance and sing ballads.

There are fairs with snake charmers, puppeteers, acrobats, and folk performers. Camels play a role in this festival. During recent years, Rajasthan has worked on improving education. The state government has been making sustained efforts to raise the education standard. In recent decades, the literacy rate of Rajasthan has increased significantly.

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In , the state's literacy rate was only In , the literacy rate increased to Although Rajasthan's literacy rate is below the national average of In rural areas of Rajasthan, the literacy rate is This has been debated across all the party level, when the governor of Rajasthan set a minimum educational qualification for the village panchayat elections.

Rajasthan attracted a total of Rajasthan is known for its custom culture colours, majestic forts, and palaces, folk dances and music, local festivals, local food, sand dunes, carved temples, beautiful havelis. Jaipur, the Pink City , is noted for the ancient houses made of a type of sandstone dominated by a pink hue.

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In Jodhpur, maximum houses are painted blue. Jain Temples dot Rajasthan from north to south and east to west. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.